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Loss DEvelopment Factors LDF

Loss development factors (LDF)

May 18, 2019

Loss development factors or LDFs are used in insurance pricing and reserving to adjust claims to their projected ultimate level i.e to Ultimate Claims. Insurance claims, especially in long-tailed lines such as liability insurance or Motor TP, are often not paid out immediately. Claims adjusters set initial case reserves for claims; …

Bornhuetter Ferguson Technique: If the development is maturely immature.

May 17, 2019

What is Bornhuetter Ferguson Technique The Bornhuetter Ferguson technique (BF Method) is a method for calculating an estimate of an insurance company’s losses. The Bornhuetter Ferguson technique, also called the Bornhuetter Ferguson method (BF Method) , estimates incurred but not yet reported (IBNR) losses for a …

Mack Model practice Stochastic Reserving SP7 ST7

Mack Method in Stochastic Reserving

May 13, 2019

Thomas Mack, In his original paper outlines a method to estimate the standard error of chain ladder estimates. The Method is now is generalised with the name of Mack Method. SP7 (formerly ST7) contains an introduction on stochastic reserving where Mack model estimates the standard …