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My name Mayank Goyal

The Actuarial Club is now established from a long time. We have seen students’ hunger to learn more about the field they will be working in. The point of establishing TAC is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of knowledge, sharing and caring, as opposed to many to one, making it fell comfortable for you to gain knowledge about it. Our editors may not be expert, but they try hard to bring you content that will help you in near future and guess what, they are experienced and probably looking to gain experience in the Actuarial field.

The Actuarial Club is the only platform providing guidance and we try our best with best online resouces made by you, for you.

And guess what, we also publish Jobs on our Forums to make you work less for jobs and more to make yourself job oriented

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Learning Objectives

So many Actuarial goals that we expect you to achieve.


Improved skills for building your base to be successful and how to grab an opportunity.

Self Learning

The most important thing we expect that you will be able to learn anything just by your self.


Get knowledge about Insurance, Actuarial techniques, and a complete sense of practical work!

International Reach

We have members and get views from almost every country. Checkout our resourceful Blog and learn more.


Everything works via volunterring and we have so many to help you out with your problems!

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