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The Actuaries Club, or TAC, took its shape under the basic inspiration of reforming Actuarial Science in India. The Regional Community is recognized by IFoA, Institute of Faculties of Actuaries, UK and aims at organizing various events across India to bring together actuary aspirants by giving them an insight into the field through the eyes of the experts themselves and presenting them with career opportunities.With a zealous team of enthusiasts, TAC will soon achieve the goal it was started with, to renovate Actuarial Science.

We also have an Actuarial Job portal to apply for Jobs and Forums to make yourself job oriented. TAC is the only platform providing guidance and we try our best with best online resouces made by you, for you.

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Improving knowledge for building your base to be successful. Get knowledgeable about insurance, Actuarial science, wider areas, etc.
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Actuarial Jobs

View latest Actuarial job opportunities picked up from different sources that enables you to grow in your professional life.
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Actuarial Forums

Prompt conversation and connection within actuarial community of learners and professionals with specially dedicated Actuarial Forums.
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Improved skills for building your base to be successful and how to grab an opportunity.

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We are a non-profit platform, reaching new heights with our dedicated team of volunteers. Join our team now and became a part of our journey.
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Our team of volunteers bring you the best of these

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The Actuarial Club
May 16, 2020

24 Proven Actuarial Exam Strategies – Part 3

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