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Learn about how you can take off your Actuarial Career and learn tips and tricks on becoming tomorrow’s Actuary! We do have actuarial jobs and articles too!

Bachelors and Masters in Actuarial

Mumbai University offering Bachelors and Masters in Actuarial and Quantitative Finance

August 2, 2019

A new actuarial science graduation course that has been launched by Patkar Varde College, the University of Mumbai which is very promising for an Actuarial student! They have a course for Actuaries and Finance enthusiasts, finely designed and backed by industry professionals for Bachelors and …

Entry Level Actuaries Have No Idea What Actuaries Do

September 18, 2016

Disclaimer: Taken from a brilliant blog post. The article has been tried and tested many times and the consensus is that it works everytime. One of the most glaring and surprising consistencies I’ve seen among entry-level actuarial candidates, even some with actuarial degrees, is that they generally …