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Top picks to invest your time to become tomorrow’s Actuary

If you are not giving any exam this time, you have too much time to spend while at home being quarantined due to COVID-19. It doesn’t look like you have anything apart from Netflix, Amazon or Youtube to save yourself from coronavirus? But to become tomorrow’s Actuary, you need to upskill yourself in every terms.

Well here is one thing you can do and unbelievably it will also help you to attract a job because all you have now is your time and your CV so read below what you can do and for a star studded CV and get yourself taken in this free time. Start investing your time now using the tips below:

  • Use the skills you have gained so far
  • Learn the skills
    • Excel
    • Python
    • R
    • Data Visualisation
  • Apply the skills

Prepare for a job using all of the above

Use the skills you have gained so far..

We understand you have learnt quite a few actuarial concepts to work upon but are unsure on how to use it. This is the time to invest upon to become tomorrow’s Actuary.

If you have cleared CT6, try your luck with Reserving exercises by learning Reserving from here. If you are fine with CT5, try pricing the exercises to price life insurance or create simple annuities.

In order to try, you need to have understanding of Excel or Python or R. If you donot have any of it, you would not be able to get a job.

Learning skills

Learn Excel

In order to learn excel, try some exercises from here. These are simple but worth it to understand the concepts.

If you are looking for a full fledge course, you can get to learn excel on Udemy for just starting INR 420/$6 which you give you deep understanding of how to work on Excel and that is must part in Actuarial Science learning.

In case of any issue, feel free to ask in our Excel forum.

Learn Python

To learn Python, we would say you to get any of these online Python courses or do it yourself using the articles we have here. Or if you are a highly intellect individual, go with Googling and creating stuff.

Now there are some different learnings in Python and you have to select any of them using your area of Interest to become Actuary.

If your interest lies in:

  • Data Tables
  • API
  • Easy Web Development & API

Data Tables in Python

Go to learn Pandas online from Udemy or you can take help from the Google as that is the best way to learn.

API to become tomorrow’s Actuary

This is going to be a bit rackless at the start because you may not understand a single thing. I assume, you can take course related to Flask as a Python library and can work along the way.

For everything above with Ease of API creation

Learn Python with Pandas and Django. Believe me, this is the most brilliant thing inside Python. Go with this Python and Flask Bootcamp: Create Websites using Flask course to learn and create something like I have created and that is all related to Actuarial Science.

In case of any issue, feel free to ask in our Python forum.

Visualisation of Data

Nothing is better to having people look at charts and graphs. Gifts and videos are the most attractive things to go with.

Though I don’t have experiece but R has some capabilities, Tableau (more corporates type). D3, if you are looking for some coding experience as well.

Some of the course are mentioned below to learn Data Visualisation to become tomorrow’s Actuary.

Mastering Data Visualization with R

Mastering data visualization in D3.js

Apply the skills

The question has answers regarding if you are a professional or a student.

If you are a professional, Excel is a great tool, I agree. But learning a new skill and applying what you have learnt, wouldn’t harm. All must be secondin’ me in the way that you should always learn something new, while being at job or at home.

If you are a student,the question is, from where can a student get a project?

Pick up CP2 – Paper 1, past years. They have some brilliant scenarios and advanced questions with solutions. So you also need not to worry about if you are right and you can easily apply it with the above learnt skills of Excel, Python & R.

Actuarial Job Hunting

Now you have sharpen your axe, and now its time to hunt. Do you know that average recruiter decides to whether to select your resume or not in less than 6 seconds. Yes, so you need to ensure that your resume is up to date and showcase the best version of yourself. These articles for actuarial jobs would help you to put your best foot forward. 

Also, while updating your resume, its also very important to be prepare for next big challenge i.e. Job Interview. We have ton of resources on forums (link of forums) to help you to hit the bull’s eye. 

And don’t forget to keep an eye on the job portal.

If you don’t want anything from the above points

Be active on Actuarial Forums. this would help people know you and being socialise, keeping distance enough along with a great learning experience. Ask questions, give answers.

Let us know below what are you planning to go ahead with and why did you chose that particular course! Our Best wishes and keep sanitisers with you 🙂

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