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How to prepare for an Actuarial Job?

The session ended and you are done with your graduation. Now you are looking for a job and thinking about taking next steps on the life ladder. Here we present some of the points you should consider to prepare yourself for an actuarial job or actuarial internship.

In order to do actuarial job preparation, you need to keep in mind the below points:

  1. A Skillfull CV
  2. Linkedin Account
  3. Search for Jobs
  4. Learn Excel, Python or R
  5. Take part in meaningful conversations.

A Skillfull CV for an actuarial job

Don’t lie in your CV. It is the starting point to prepare for an Actuarial job or Actuarial internship. Intermediate skills are not Advanced overnight. Make sure you know what you have written and all the articles with “How to create my resume” says the same.

Linkedin Account

A Linkedin account with same details as of your CV is an instant tip for a recruiter. Make sure you don’t make them keep searching about you if they look for you. You need to create a great linkedin account to prepare for an actuarial job or actuarial internship.

Not only that, if you are messaging someone,

  • Don’t forward a copied message
  • Don’t be on point of job looking you are desperate
  • Ask them politely if they have a job available
  • Follow them up once or twice and not more than that.

We have a complete write up on Importance of Linkedin Profile in Actuarial Science and you must give it a read.

Searching an Actuarial Job or Internship

We have a portal where we generally post the available jobs, but guess what that is not the only place and those are not the only opportunities you have. Every company is looking to hire but you must have such skills that they get attracted towards you. The link for the job forum is at the end of the article so you read this article completely.

Visit Actuarial Jobs Forum for the publicly available Jobs.

Learn to start a conversation with employed people, yourself. no tips here.

Download the Actuarial Forum app to subscribe to Actuarial Jobs forum.

Learn Excel or Python/R for Data Science

Best Python & R in Data Science course
Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science 
Best Excel course
Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced.

Having atleast one of them is a must and if you don’t have it, do not apply. Learn them by yourself or using the links posted above which gives you an offer to learn them at best prices and these are almost the best reviewed courses.This helps a lot to graab an actuarial job and prepared you in advance for challenges.

Take part in meaningful Conversations

Why to take part in conversation? We always look to those who have knowledge and it not just about books, you need to know about the market and most importantly the daily use Actuarial terms.

We have a setup name Actuarial Daily Dose where we daily post Actuarial terms and that may be very helpful in your Interview or in general talk with may we hope, an Executive or an Actuary. Do not just read them, take part and learn from them.

To understand about it more, please give this article What do you miss while looking for Actuarial Job a read.

Let us know in comments if you need any help on working out for your job search. We already have provided information and what you would ask is already there on our portal. You just need to search it out!

Links to help you to look out and help you in Actuarial job.

Actuarial Jobs
Actuarial Daily Dose – Learn Actuarial terms daily
To learn Python –
Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science 
For Excel, refer Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced. 
Download the Actuarial Forum app to subscribe to Actuarial Jobs forum.

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