Linkedin profile in Actuarial Science

Linkedin Profile in Actuarial Science. How does it help?

We understand you have a Personal life and we want to keep it that way but if you are a professional or a student persuing Actuarial Science, here is how it helps and the techniques to prepare Linkedin Profile in Actuarial Science.

Some of the things you should care the most for if you have a Linkedin.

  1. Profile
  2. Connections
  4. Sharing
  5. Messaging
  6. Job Search


Capitals Matters.
Make sure your name is in Capitals. This is the first thing a recruiter or an Actuary visiting your profile will have a look at.

An introduction must be the one to give an overall perspective of you. I even researched a bit to set up mine and reading it always makes me feel good! You can visit my profile here. Don’t be shy to connect.

Profile Picture
The more professional it is, better it is. I’d say just don’t throw your party pictures on your Linkedin Profile. 


Actuarial Connections
It is much more preferred to have same connections because the sharing of information happens of the same mindset.
We usually share the information related to Insurance and Actuaries, so connect with us for sure! 

Connection Message
People really prefer connection notes over a simple request but if you are sending a simple request, make sure to greet the person. 
Linkedin is about being professional and connecting with so if you are connecting with someone and is impressed, doesn’t matter what his designation is, make sure to greet the person and give him your regards.

Activity & Comments

We don’t want to regulate you so here are just the recommendations from the team of The Actuarial Club for Activity. Activity is there on the front of your profile so it is visible to all and people generally check what have you shared or so and you need to create Linkedin Profile in Actuarial Science

When you share something, give a little heading or your thought to that shared article or status. It explains what you think about that and further help people to communicate with you and you end up with enhanced skills to communicate and clearing up the facts of the same.

Donot comment interested on all the posts whichever you find for job.
If you want to take part and don’t have knowledge of such, research and comment.


Looking for Jobs
The fact is you can have information on lots of job opportunities. It is generally posted on the timelines where the others share it. If you are applying for the one, try to create a relation with the person who posted it this may create a reference for you.

References play some role in placements and nobody denies that but you should already be in the play area where others are playing so this post all settles into one thing “Be in touch with everyone possible”. If you are connecting with someone and seems may help you, bother to disturb him..

This Article will be updated from the experiences which we will receive. You are welcome to share your experience in comment for Linkedin Profile in Actuarial Science:)

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