The misses by a Student for an Actuarial Job

It is generally been asked what do we do except writing exams and as many times we have told them to work upon, they basically didn’t. So, we stopped replying and this is a complete submission of what else you can indulge in to increase the opportunities or better, to create the opportunity from bottom so as to get an Actuarial Job as an Actuarial student

Do we have time for other things?

After you have been up from your long studious hours, there is always a part of time which is generally wasted. The earth is made up of long chain of elements and each element has its own uniqueness and importance. Similarly, if we are just focussed on exams and getting a job, we are missing a long chain of elements that basically makes up a CV charismatic and normally we are unable to quantify the importance of such elements for getting an Actuarial job.

What are the activities we can perform?

Think of it as enhancing the skills you have an knowledge you gain from performing such activities rather than job. It’ll follow through all by itself. Most importantly, the unutilised time will be beneficial to you in long term.

Here are some of the elements which “will” make a difference.

Learn a programming language

The importance is such task is such, as an Actuarial student, the first question you get asked is what languages do you know? 

Excel is too common to be learn but that just doesn’t mean you should skip it. The most common to learn but with this you should “be aware” and know about another programming language which will help too much in your Actuarial job as an Actuarial student.

It may be R, SAS, a high quality of VBA on excel or the one like Python. The company generally don’t use use the language which you’ll learn but they check you out on the basis of this. If you even have SQL, doesn’t matter. Keep practicing the language you know. Have a good grab on the one you’re learning and you are good to go.

One question is which you should learn? I’d like to really be handled here but I say learn anything that is currently high in Market. Even, data analysis using R or Excel will get you through the round. Indulge in forums to learn more about it.  Get in projects yourself. Giving an overview on projects in the latter part.

Learn a Foreign Language

If you know a language other than Hindi and English. I bet you have an Ace for CV and for future. 

French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Mandarin, Anything. Period.

Get Duolinguo

Start writing on any topic.

You know you have interest in something, then why not take a step ahead and start writing on the topic you are interested in? 

This thing will never fail, if you are writing and it is meaningful it will be recongnised soon enough to give you a platform which share the same views as of you. As an Actuarial student and if you are looking for actuarial job in GI, you can choose that you have interest in General and can start writing on aspects as an Actuarial student.

How you’ll gain knowledge about it?

Internet is full of bunch of people who publish great insights and even insider news avout it. You don’t need to go out thinking yourself as Evan Blass or Edward Snowden. Just lookout for the people who generally post about such things, get in contact and ask about their views. Read as much as you can.

Where can I post? Who will give me chance?

If it is anything about Insurance or Actuary, we already have a good platform for you to showcase your skills.

We are all ready to hear what you have in mind and give you an opportunity or twice or thrive to write about anything whatever you want. 

Instead of study based articles if those can go as industry based which will further help you to know about the topic and may be land you a job there.

What are the setbacks?

Internet is full of those people also who will disagree on whatever you say. Don’t go physical, hear them out or present yourself in the critic way. You cannot make them stop.

You may be wrong sometime, accept your mistake.

Start your own Research

As I told you the importance of the Excel and you know it that it can perform any type of calculation why not have your own project of analysing something which you can show off in your CV? You need guidance we have a complete forum and lots of enthuthiast people to help you out.

A question is generally asked while looking out for an Actuarial job, what you did in your idle time. You got all of the above as answers.

All the best! 

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