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TAC Learning – Dedicated Actuarial Learning platform for ALL

At The Actuarial Club, we have explored almost all the possible ways in which we can provide you a learning experience free from the deviants. Adding to that, we removed all the Google ads from our platforms too. However, we have the best articles for many actuarial procedures like reserving and pricing, but they were in the theoretical format. TAC Learning in Actuarial is a new way to go ahead!

How we got an idea of TAC Learning for Actuaries?

Firstly, what if a professional who is working on the Life side, want to learn a little about GI side? yeah, having connections works but not in a way that would be fully able to understand what was conveyed by co-workers or friends.

Secondly, people pay hefty prices for such information which should and already is available but there is no proper platform where you can get the apt and exact information all at one place.

Thirdly, The students! we understand they have the capacity to something more after looking at all the Wix sites they are creating, the python models, or others, but is it really approachable to the recruiter?

If there is a little, like 20% of what you would be working in the future, have that understanding, and are able to present it, you have saved yourself a place.

GI reserving as our first TAC Learning Course with Actuarial Process

With TAC Learning, we are launching our first-ever complete Reserving course, where you can learn the concepts and try them on the online excel within the exercise. We wanted to keep the design minimal and thus have given no sign-ups/mailers and just pure learning experience. Free to access, free to use.

The website (link at the end) is best visible from the Desktop.

TAC Learning Menus

The menu on the left hand side (in Desktops), and in sidebar (in mobiles) is an extremely important step wise and thorough introduction of what we would be covering in any exercise.

The example such as this is provided at the end of each exercise. In order to try this, click “Try this exercise live.

Click “Try the exercise live” and you will be redirected to a page dedicated.

On any exercise in TAC Learning, you will click on the Let me edit, give it a second, and thereafter, double click any cell to edit it and you would be able to see formulated as well!

The online exercises would help you to have real-life and the explanations are written by professionals.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. In case you are a professional looking to share knowledge, who would want to connect with us for creating such a course for their domain and/or would like to partner with us, get in touch with us at theactuarialclub[@]gmail.com

Disclaimer: While most of the exercises and written content on tac learning is created by professionals working in the domain, we have tried our best to cross check it with references and there may be some definitions which may not be available, we request you to please corporate. In case you come across any mistake, please reach out to us.

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