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Actuarial Interview Questions for GI and LI

This is the second article on “Get an Actuarial Job” where we will let you know about some of the Actuarial Interview questions asked generally and guess what, we already have a database on that, it is just that you are missing the connection. Reading about the company is implied in any case you want to land a job and do some excel exercises

Please follow the links within this article to read all the database’d questions.

General Insurance

If you are going to a General Insurance company (GI Company), the possibilities are there that you may end up in Pricing or Reserving. We have not covered pricing that much and we don’t expect a recruiter to ask Pricing questions from an inexperienced, however if you have CT6 on your CV, you have already read about Reserving and most basically IBNR.

We have articles which follow up with the Reserving Exercises and are placed in a very genuine language to make you understand all about that.

The next step are the Actuarial terms used and not only the mothods. It is important to understand the difference between Pure IBNR and IBNER. You can find most of them in our Daily Dose section which we have been shouting out day and night. We request you to converse on them due to the factors listed in out first article posted on this session’s jobs.

Life Insurance

In case of Life Insurance, we have terms which are already there in Actuarial Forum. The CT1 and CT5 actuarial interview questions are listed here.

Embedded Value and Business Planning (Projection of EV/GMV) in Shareholding Reporting, Valuation, Modelling, Pricing and Experience Analysis.

If you have any questions which you want to ask from a Recruiter, head over to Ask the Actuarial Recruiter  where Ayush Anand, an Actuarial Recruiter answered your questions.

If you don’t know about the field you would like to go in, make sure you read this to have an idea of all about it.


To try out Excel exercises, head over to our Excel practice session, where Aman posts the Excel exercises which you can download and work upon.

Why this article has been written?

Be aware and attentive of all the links posted here because there are questions which will be asked from these links inside and using the terms may impress and could help you to directly be able to converse with people.

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