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We are glad we could make it to this point. The time has come to take a step ahead and fall within Actuarial Science. For those who are experienced, you’re sure welcome to share what you’ve learnt in your career and for those who have just started or looking for something, you’d know where to look at for finding that particular thing.

Thanks for your time.

For Actuaries

It’s not the first time we are trying something but it is about time to be a little furious in what we are trying to do.
Gain Knowledge and Share Knowledge, Presenting with the simplicity and started with the motive to gain, I found it difficult to keep tracking of things which are important to know like terms and statistics. You just don’t want to scroll over and over again so we made something,

Knowledge Sharing Forums. For Actuaries, By Actuaries(thou I’m Actuarial student but it looks cool to write :S) & To Actuaries

Sometimes I Wikipedia Lloys of London, Sometime I go for Forms needed for calculation of RSM. So, there need to be a place where we all can aggregate the information needed which could later on be revised.

That’s why I made it for but that’s not what I’ll stuck at 🙂

Head over to share what you’ve got! 

For those who have cleared some exams

You know what I’d say, Gain everything because at this point you need something to be different from others. So these forums will help you to get the maximum exposure of unknown things. Share and reply so it would enhance your skills and knowledge and who knows you might be talking to a recruiter himself 🙂

For those who are giving CT-1 this time –

The best thing, you’ve been looking for some serious studies within the minimum time frame. The thing is here. 

The Notes. We are starting with CT-1. The notes are framed by ACET Topper, Bharti Singla and are handwritten. Making no mistake you’ve absolutely free pdf’s to download. Thou, we won’t upload all at once because we know you’d keep it downloaded and not going to use it. So until there is sense that we need to move to next chapter, We aren’t going to upload.

The thing has been named as Study Group where you’ll find notes and you can start your own discussion. If you face any problem, Bharti will try to reply you by herself or probably some nice guy might come to your rescue 🙂

Also, If you think the pdf’s are difficult to dealt with, you can have printouts by yourself or for the easiest order the printed notes for all chapters(excluding 1 &11) from below. We have a printing partner who will deliver directly to your home. We tried to keep the cost as low as possible just at less than PAN PIZZA cost. At Rs130, it’ll be delivered to your home. The notes are not provided for Chapter 1 & 11 both in softcopy and hardcopy. 

Order them from here or download them from the forums for free!

Let us know what you think 🙂

Mayank Goyal
Redmond Lover(Microsoft), London Dreamer(Actuary), California Thinker(Entrepreneur). Actuarial Science, Blogger, Web Developing, Winphan India, App development, Social Media Managing, Event Managing & bla bla bla.

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