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Actuarial Engineering

The Internet of Things and Actuarial Engineering

December 14, 2016

Should property-casualty actuarial science be considered an engineering specialty whether Actuarial Engineering is possible? Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, there are compelling reasons to consider aligning ourselves with engineers. According to Wikipedia, the Internet of Things is “the network of physical objects …


5 Ways The IoT Will Transform The Insurance Industry

December 12, 2016

  The U.S. Insurance industry is the world’s largest insurance market where 6,118 companies, employing 2.5 million people, have net annual premiums of $1.1 trillion. Yet, despite its size and overall financial health, the insurance industry is likely to experience profound change driven by a …

“Entrepreneurship and being an Actuary” – Innovation in Zimbabwe

June 17, 2016

People they there is nothing except Insurance. I’ve always dreamt of making it more than that, doing more than insurance and pensions. This is exactly complementary to my article on Insurance & Entrepreneurship. A must watch video to look at different aspects of what “else” you …