#Insurance and #Enrepreneurship (Part 1) #Actuaries

You want to be an entrepreneur? You are doing Actuaries? Well.. I’m preparing hard for both of them. We have always heard of the same things like Pensions, Gratuity, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Investment banks and similar kind of stuff but do the youth is actually interested to any of this while still Actuary is treated as Only For Insurance thing?

We know we can start our consultancy but we need to clear all the 15 exams for that! While it may take some 4, 5 or 6 or more years, probably starting something at this point of time would be more beneficial. As more and more startups are int he formation at this time why don’t we (Me and You) take a step to take Actuarial Studies to some next level and not leaving but utilising what we studied for getting a job in the above mentioned areas?

This is the first part and I’m still preparing hard for bringing in everything what I got in a presentable and easy manner, till that time you may get some of your problem resolved about the connection of Insurance and Entrepreneurship here at Business And Public Administration Studies (BPAStusides) article from Vol 7, No 1 (2012) .

Also, we would love to discuss your great mind-boggling ideas which you can do so by leaving a comment here! As simple as that 🙂


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