Blog 28: Mr. Hong Kong Actuary’s typical day by Xavier Lo, FIA, FRM, MBA

I recently did a presentation to aspiring actuaries in Hong Kong. They asked questions about what I did on a day-to-day basis [每日嘅工作]. So instead of theory this week, let me give you a glimpse of that.

A typical day starts with me traveling 45 minutes on the subway [地鐵]. I use this time to read news both locally and worldwide. I also subscribe to daily insurance news [保險新聞] via e-mails. By the time I get to the office and switch on my laptop, I am aware of what’s happening around me. First thing I do is a quick scan of all the e-mails that are sitting in my inbox, look at the meetings in my diary and then plan my tasks for the day – obviously, tasks with deadlines today are the most important!

What do I do next? As mentioned before, I usually like to get a cup or a can of coffee, depending on my mood and the time. A lot of my work revolves around reviewing [評介] work from my team and other teams, and communicating [溝通] with other departments to maintain close business relationships [工作關係]. After a whole day, I spend the traveling time again probably browsing LinkedIn or reading short educational articles, so as to make use of the free time. I like ending my day working out at the gym [健身室], just so that I can stay physically healthy and take a mental break, which leads to a healthy mind [健康心靈] too.

Of course, the above is just what I would call a “normal” day. Sometimes I get more urgent tasks so I spend the whole day in front of my laptop. Sometimes I end my day drinking with friends or colleagues. Sometimes I have so many meetings I actually don’t do much work. That’s what keeps it fun though.

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