TAC brings new Actuarial Events, Connect and Videos, all for free!

Let’s forget about 2020, Shall we? We didn’t also wish you New Year as we were busy in our work to make TAC a better place. We are hopeful to succeed in this as we present you with a few new features to the newest TAC website.

Our new portal is for those, who want to connect, adapt, and more importantly learn. Learning for us is an important aspect. We want you to learn so much to be placed in your first interview. Not only that, we want you to apply actuarial skills to your non-actuarial job, learn about wider fields from the best professionals. 

For those who are working professionals, we want you to explore out from your conventional understanding of LI, GI, EB to learn about each other more while understanding your own subjects deeply too. What things are new?

TAC Events

Generally, we see events that are focused on What an Actuary is? how you can enter? or if they are of a little higher level, they are paid. We bring you to live events by professionals and experts. This is not for those who have just started Actuarial but for those who are deep inside and for those who are on the edge of getting a job. Our segment is more towards professionalism rather than coaching.

Out first event is already planned on Risk & Actuary, by two Associate Actuaries who are working in the Risk Consulting & Analytics. They will present and explain to you how Actuaries are managing risk for organizations across the world. You can enroll for free using the link given at the bottom of the article.

TAC Videos

What is the benefit of events when you can’t see them again? They are free. All the events get saved on a channel that you can watch anytime. They are seamlessly integrated with each other.

But TAC Videos couldn’t be just that. You got it right. We have curated from all the Internet sources, the best videos you can get and have presented them to you under segments:

  • Data Science & Actuary
  • Reinsurance 
  • Claims Reserving GI
  • and more coming soon.. 

What are these? Suppose you want to learn about Reinsurance, these videos not only will tell What it is, but how you perform Reinsurance pricing and reserving, pricing in Excel, R, Python. We will bring you the best sources available. At least, we are trying to bring as much as possible under one roof. Each term will be explained, each segment will be explained. All for free. Period. 

TAC Connect

You are a professional who wants to connect with a speaker/Associate/Fellow from another domain. A community is a direct place to connect, share and ask. We are connecting with many people to help you accomplish what you love and at any cost of ours, we would do that. 

We will provide a direct chat option to let you talk to anyone in the community no matter if they are a student whom a recruiter wants to get in touch with, visa versa, a professional to connect with another domain’s professional, a professional want to ask something from an Actuary or seeking help with Ifrs 17, we plan to cover it all with Members

Exclusivity & Verification

We are keeping the community exclusive to Actuarial students and professionals. Each profile that registers with us is verified and then approved. It is, in fact, a sensitive matter to onboard people. We provide Badges after verification so you know that we are serious enough with your professional life.

TAC Jobs, TAC Blogs, TAC Learn will remain as it is, atleast for now. 

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