Shortcuts to Some Useful Mathematical Notations

Shortcuts to Some Useful Mathematical Notations

As we know IFOA is going to conduct exams online using MS-WORD, creating each notation using its usual procedure would be a tedious task during examinations. Therefore, here we introduce you to some useful shortcuts of various mathematical notations that are frequently used in examinations. This will help us in preparing for our exams more effectively and complete them within the stipulated amount of time.

Steps to write Mathematical Notations

  1. Press Alt+ or Alt= to start writing an equation.
  2. Press \
  3. Write the shortcut notation of the symbol we wish to type.
  4. Press the spacebar to activate the notation.

Various Symbols and their Shortcuts

Steps to create shortcuts for Greek Symbols

  1. Go to insert tab then go to symbol then more symbols.

2. Select Greek and Coptic in subset tab.

3. Select symbol α and press shortcut key.

4. Write one or two shortcuts in press new shortcut key tab and press enter.

5. Close all the dialogue boxes.

6. Now first press Alt+ or Alt= and then write the notation using shortcuts.

Here is the list of various useful mathematical notations and symbols in which we can create our own shortcuts and are useful in writing exams.

NOTEOnce we entered the shortcut commands they are automatically saved, i.e. whenever we open Ms-word, we do not have to create shortcuts again, we can directly use the shortcut which was made before.

To get a better understanding of shortcuts you can also watch these YouTube videos mentioned below:

I hope these shortcuts for various mathematical notations were useful and will help you to these notations with ease

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