Sumit Ramani’s Journey

Sumit Ramani

Sumit Ramani is a Qualified Life actuary and a computer science engineer with over a decade of experience in (re)insurance business with a focus on modeling of life and health products, peer review, and business analysis. He is currently working as Chief Actuary for FidentiaX and founded Actuaria Consultants in 2017.

Sumit Ramani, an Insurtech Actuary, for a long time, has been working with InsurTechs and in non-traditional areas. Recently, he founded ProtectMeWell which suggests you the cover you should have according to your characteristics. He graduated as an engineer and made the transition to a Life Insurance company to become an Actuary and attained Fellowship in 2017. As an Actuary, he has also worked with a gaming client to consult him on building a betting game!

Sumit Ramani shared his personal journey in this article. It’s an inspiring story of a consultant and Fellow Actuary. Kudos to Protagion for binding this story in such a beautiful format!

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