IFoA September 2020 Examinations Update

The IFoA recently moved from centre-based examinations to online delivery in April during unprecedented global circumstances.
As per the IFoA, this move to online examinations was successful, with over 10,000 exams sat and candidates reporting high levels of satisfaction via their April 2020 Post-Examinations survey. 

IFoA September 2020 examinations

Now that the IFoA has conducted April 2020 sitting, they have released the plans for September 2020 Diet

IFoA mail states “After considering initial feedback and lessons learned from April, we are now in a position to tell you that in September 2020 we are planning to offer all IFoA examinations online. We have been working hard to ensure that as many of you as possible are able to progress through your qualification journey, so are pleased to confirm that we will now be able to offer all IFoA CS and CM examinations online in September in addition to all those we offered in April.”

This means that all the examinations may be held online and there would be no need to visit the examination centres. In that case, we expect the results to roll out early but the page still displays results date as below.

Core Principles subjects (CB1-2; CM1-2, CS1-2): Tuesday 15 December 2020
Core Practices, Specialist Principles and Specialist Advanced subjects: Thursday 17 December 2020

You can find more information about all IFoA available online examinations and their booking dates by visiting IFoA 2020 Examinations web page.

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