Free 4 week Python workshop on Data Analytics Actuaries by Harsh Jaitak: TAC Initiative

Free 4 week Python workshop on Data Analytics & Actuaries by Harsh Jaitak: TAC Initiative

We all know how important have Python has become for Data Analytics and Actuaries, more and more companies are using Python for their Analytical and Actuarial. In this era, learning about applications of Python in actuarial is a must skill. In collaboration with The Actuarial Club, I present you with a Free 4 week Python workshop on Data Analytics Actuaries in collaboration with The Actuarial Club.

About Myself

My name is Harsh Jaitak , I am an analyst at Actuarial and Risk Management department of Kuwait Reinsurance. After finishing my masters in actuarial science, I had already learnt Excel and R. But that’s where the hardships began. You can learn a language but unless and until you work extensively on it, you don’t get the nuances.

After I started working in the employee benefits department of Willis Towers Watson, I actually realised the value of drawing insights from data and the importance of good quality data. Being on the consulting side of things gives you a holistic understanding of things which could be missed at times while you work for your own organization exclusively. That sparked my interest in Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

I wanted to learn but had no idea how to go about it. I subscribed to a few open courses on machine learning but this time I did not commit the mistake I did previously. So, this time I actually practised it by participating in various hackathons and Kaggle competitions, that helped me a lot to utilise the skills and learn from my own mistakes. Without saying, stack overflow become my best friend.

Fast forward two years and I actually started to use those skills at the workplace and once I did that, I was confident of the efficiency in my work, and I must say it helped me immensely.

Why I am taking this FREE Python Workshop

A few days back I realised that there might be a lot of people who are like me, who want to learn but don’t know where to begin, and I didn’t want someone else waste two years of life, just figuring that out, as I did. So, I thought I would go out there and be of some help to that someone. I won’t be able to impart everything in a month but I can at least give everyone a direction to proceed.

And I do not want to make a business out of it. I just want them to have a quality resource to start, learn and practice. And that’s when I decided to start this free of cost introductory course in python in collaboration with The Actuarial Club because that is the strongest weapon in today’s world of data.

The aim of this 4 week Python workshop is to be simple like an Arrow: Straight and to the point.

In this course, I will be covering :

1) Python Core
2) OOPs Concepts
3) Modules and DataBase Programming
4) Visualisations using Matplotlib, Seaborne, Plotly and Cufflinks
5) Python Pandas
6) Python Numpy
7) Exploratory Data Analysis

To enroll for this Free 4 week Python workshop on Data Analytics Actuaries, fill this form now: Click here!

Workshop enrollment closes this SUNDAY, 3rd May 2019.

I hope that you make a good use of the upcoming one month which will help you a lot in generating beautiful insights. Because as we all know that what people think of as trash is the new oxygen: DATA.

This workshop would be conducted in collaboration with The Actuarial Club.

About the Author

Arpit Surana

Writer | Actuarial Aspirant | Member of The Actuarial Club & Insurolgy | An enthusiastic and passionate person pursuing actuarial science who always looks forward to learning and developing new skills.

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