Seminar on Data Science and Analytics by Institute of Actuaries of India

Data Science & Analytics Seminar

Data Science, isn’t that something we hear now in our daily life and personally do not understand where we can use it to accelerate our work. The work of an Actuary, manual or automated, all includes data. What is best is to use some science on it! So, the Data Science Seminar is here!

As always, Institute of Actuaries of India is going ahead with an event in Bangalore for Data Science and Analytics after a successful one in Delhi. While we attended the Delhi one where we second Mr.  Mahidhara Davangere ‘s thought on Actuaries.

The objective of the Data Science seminar is to create awareness among the actuarial members and anybody interested in the field of Data Science, Analytics, and disruptive technology on the convergence of actuarial science with data science. Actuaries have long been viewed as Insurance and Pension specialists.

However Actuaries are professionals with multi-dimensional skillsets like mathematics, statistics, accounts, modeling and business. Actuaries can also be called as the earliest data scientists who have been applying modeling and analytics on data and deriving business insights. The advent of Big Data Analytics and Data Science domain coupled with technological revolutions like machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc have enabled the exponential possibilities for actuaries to contribute beyond the traditional domain.

This one-day Data Science seminar will help participants to understand and appreciate the current developments in the field of Data Science and analytics in various domains and enable them to apply actuarial knowledge with a novel touch. The participants will have an opportunity to interact with Industry experts, practitioners and technology experts working in leading organizations.

Topics & Speakers for Data Science Seminar

y Key Note Address: Sunil Sharma, President, Institute of Actuaries of India

Math Men, not Mad Men: John Taylor, President, IFoA

Augmented Intelligence and its potential for actuaries:
Sandip Patil, Director & Lead Actuary, Spraoi &
Dr Prasanna Srinivas V. PhD, VP Cognitive Machine Learning, AntWorks,

Use cases of Financial Data Science techniques in Retail Analytics: Sudipto Pal, Data Scientists, Walmart Labs

New age analytical techniques and technologies to improve organizational Risk culture: Srijan Raychauduri, Director, Acies Consulting

Actuaries in the Gaming Industry: Experience Sharing by Sumit Ramani, Consulting Actuary at Actuaria Consultants

Panel Discussion: Actuarial Profession in Industry 4.0 and beyond
Sunil Sharma, President, Institute of Actuaries of India
John Taylor, President, Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Moderator: Mahidhara Davangere V, Secretary, AGDSA

  • Date : 27th July 2019 Saturday
  • Time : 0900 – 1700
  • Venue : The Chancery Pavilion, 135, Residency Road, Shantala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru

This doesn’t end here. Mr. Sumit Ramani, who is presenting on the Actuaries in Gaming Industry and will share his experience during the Seminar would be featuring you, if your answer is perfect or exceeds his expectation for this question of Monte Carlo Simulation. Head over to Twitter and reply now!

We would also look forward to your responses to share it later on with The Actuarial Club!

Do not forget to meet us while you are there!

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