6th Capacity Building Seminar In Health Care Insurance (CB HCI)

IAI announces 6th Capacity Building Seminar in Health Care Insurance

6th Capacity Building Seminar in Health Care Insurance (6th CBHCI)


The focus of this Capacity Building Seminar is on covering various topical aspects of Health Insurance Industry in India.

As in the past, Advisory Group on Health Insurance is determined to promote actuarial talent to meet the growing demand in this field and current seminar is a step in that direction.  The participants can benefit with the vast experience of the presenters who would cover global trends and how those can be put to use in Indian context.


Advisory Group           :           Advisory Group on Health Care Insurance
Date                             :           2nd August 2018, Thursday
Time                            :           9:30 am to 06:00 pm
Venue                          :           Pllazio Hotel, 292-296, Sector 29, City Center, Sector Road, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

The Seminar would focus on the following topics:-

  1. Critical Illness Product Pricing – Global Trend and Techniques to derive incidence rates when data is sparse
  2. Health Inflation Index – Practical and Technical aspects
  3. Health Saving Account – Global Practices and Learning for India
  4. Panel discussion of Standalone Health Insurance Appointed Actuaries on latest issues faced by Health
  5. Insurance Industry
  6. Technical Note on Product Pricing – Best Practices.
  7. Global Experience of implementing RBC
  8. Review of Health Insurance Portfolio


Experienced professionals with number of years of experience in health insurance industry would be participating in this capacity building seminar and sharing their experiences and insights with the audience.

General Points:- 

Registration Fees (Excluding 18% GST):  

Categories  INR 
Students & Associate Members 2,500
Affiliate & Fellow Members 5,000
Non Members 6,000

CPD Credit for IAI members   : 6 hrs. Technical (As per APS 9 –Rev. Ver 2)
Registration last date              : 27th July, 2018, Friday; Admission on first come first serve basis
Dress Code                              : Business Casual
Register at                               : http://www.actuariesindia.org/SeminarRegistration.aspx   

Useful Links:


Speakers Profile

Program Schedule

Visit https://www.actuariesindia.org/

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