Actuarial Forums are just the beginning, indeed a step forward.

Moving a step forward.

The result of our first survey showed that you want to have your questions resolved at first place. We worked.

And here I post the result.

We are profound to tell you that we are finally starting our forums! The moderator guy that means the one who has responsibility of resolving and looking that everyone is settled with the answers they were looking for is in the hands of a mentor. Yes, We have Akshay Shah with us who has done MBA (Finance) and running his coaching center from last 3 years. He also worked as Analyst in one of the leading financial services company.

Now, How to use Forums?

That’s an easy part! Just go to Forums

Select your subject and here it comes like.

This is how you write a title/ query in forum.

This is how you write a title/ query in forums

There is also a Subscribe right on next to the subject. Make sure you receive notifications on topics.

You also have recent comments and topic so you don’t miss any conversation!

You can also visit someone profile to see how many topics he has created (basically, no. of questions asked!) and how many replies are sent and you can have a talk. what else you want?

Actuary Talks is currently a closed topic. As per the survey, your demand was highest for talking with someone who is a working Actuary. So, as soon as we are up with someone experienced,we will have them open up for talks.

Way to make a move! Many more things are up in line!

Mayank Goyal

Redmond Lover(Microsoft), London Dreamer(Actuary), California Thinker(Entrepreneur).

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