Actuarial Leadership: Past, present and future.

A google search is all that is required to demonstrate the perceived difference between leaders and actuaries. Fortunately, the process to change this image is well underway, reflecting an understanding that a well-rounded profession is a greater asset to everyone.

On 9 August 2017, the Actuaries Institute Australia, in partnership with both (more…)

Video: 9 Top Actuarial Channels on Youtube

In this video, MJ shared some great channels that have helped him study actuarial science.

Here are the links to all of them!


Life Happens:
Yale Courses:
Khan Academy:
Econ Cow:
Actuarial Education:

Also check out:
Mancinelli’s Math Lab channel:

And if you know few more great channels then share it (more…)

‘Actuarial Science Continues To Be One Of The Most Sought After Profession’

Subhrajit Mukhopadhyay, Chief & Appointed Actuary, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance speaks with BW Businessworld on the unique challenges facing actuaries, the role of foreign partners in insurance JV’s, and the evolution of actuarial science as a career option in India.

What are the key challenges facing actuaries nowadays? Has the steady digitisation (more…)

Innovating Actuarial Science