TAC presenting a new session “Ask the Actuarial Recruiter”


We know you have questions, We also know that you want to talk to Recruiters to ask them what have you done wrong, if you get to talk to them. But mostly it initiates with ‘Hi’ and concludes with ‘give me your CV’. Just to ensure that you get answers for questions you didn’t get a chance to ask. So how can we help? Well you can now directly ask questions from the Recruiter.

What is that?

I’ll keep this short. Many thanks to, The Actuarial Recruiter, Ayush Anand and there is very possibility that you know him well. HE will be available on The Actuarial Club forums. We remember well when we arranged ” Ask the Actuary ” session with Mr. Jeffrey Miller and you said later on that you didn’t know about it. So again, I’m here requesting to spread it so that all of you can be benefited from this session.

Which type of questions should be asked?

I cannot moderate all the questions you may ask over the forums but off-course, don’t make them too personal for someone. Don’t ask too general questions like “How to get hired?”. Seriously? That is why we will open our portal on Saturday at 9:00 AM and you can post as many as questions you like but according, don’t. It’ll be hard for everyone to go through same set of questions or or questions like, This is my CV.. What should I change in this?

Moreover, these are general questions which will be answered once when asked. Believe me, I do want all of your questions answered, whether personal or non – relative but it becomes impossible for the person to handle so many queries.

What do you look into candidate?

How do you select from Resumes?

Please look at already posted questions before you post the new ones. You may find your answer in them.

Ayush Anand’s Profile

With experience of more than 6 years, he is one of the most known Actuarial Recruiter among Actuarial students. He has handled complete Recruiting process independently from scratch to finish. As this job demands coordination, Ayush Anand is no less of a coordinator, coordinating with HR Teams, Businesses for their requirements, with Portals such as Naukri.com, monster, Times jobs and more for sourcing of CV’s, screening profiles, initial evaluation, scheduling interviews and still it doesn’t ends here.

He also organises and also is an active participant of Job fairs and walkins. The process of Recruitment also involves Reference Checking, Feedback, Negotiations which is sometimes handled all by himself. Moreover, you see him actively on Linkedin for Actuarial Jobs, so there is not to say much. Do visit his Linkedin profile and utilize the opportunity to its best.

Have a great day! We are looking forward for you to join us on Actuarial Forums, our pit-stop on Sunday at 9:00 P.M.

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