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What is “The Actuarial Club of India”?

The Actuarial Club, or TAC, took its shape under the basic inspiration of reforming Actuarial Science in India. TAC believes in “Innovating Actuarial Science in India”.

The Actuarial Club aims at acting as an aid and abet platform for actuarial students by connecting them to the professionals working in the industry through various events that we’ll be organizing in the near future.




Introduction to Study Groups:

The Actuarial Club believes in “Innovating Actuarial Science in India” and our next step is to create an environment at a single place where Students preparing for their exams can ask their queries on our website or app through the ‘Study Groups’ tab. There is separate section created for each CT exams, so that things can be tracked easily. All of your queries will be taken care by our team and members. Queries can involve general questions related to subject, questions in modules or past year papers or understanding of a particular topic.

While adding yourself up, you’ll be asked for the subscription email settings. The reply can be posted by replying to the email itself. We are using a system used by highly organised companies and we believe you’d take full advantage of the Study Groups 🙂


When our team surfs facebook, we see a lot of different Actuarial groups where students post their queries regarding different subjects. We want to bring it all at ‘one place’ to make things smooth and easier. It is also different from whatsapp groups because once you create a post and ask a question, it will be easier for you to track and you’re going universal as well. You can operate them anywhere with desktop or mobile.

The Study Group section of The Actuarial Club of India will be a successor of ‘Forums’ section on ‘Insurology’.

How to work with it?

Working with the Study groups is very easy.

To Join any group, you need a gmail id and you need to be logged-in  it.
Here is the list of groups. Just click on which you want to be added

  1. CT1
  2. CT2
  3. CT3
  4. CT4
  5. CT5
  6. CT6
  7. CT7
  8. CT8


use google to sign in
Joining page
Click on Join now will add you to group
Check the check boxes and tick as per your need
Check the check boxes and tick as per your need

For Website:

-Open Website.

-Move your cursor to Study Groups section in the Menu Bar where you will see a drop down list of different Actuarial subjects.

-Click on the subject name you have questions about.

-Post your query.

For App:

Open our app  ->Open Study Groups ->Select Subject ->Post your query.

#Note: When you are creating a post, don’t forget to subscribe to the ‘Email updates to me’ because when someone replies to your post, you’ll get direct notification of it.

Why us?

We have created a platform where when you’ll post a query, members of the club will get direct notification of it through mails. So, we will work hard to get your query solved.

Also, tracking your post would be easier as you can see number of views and replies to your post.
You know there have been lots and lots of groups on Whatsapp and we simply wanted to create a system with higher understanding and easy accessibility. Tracking is easier. Notifying by email atleast there won’t be any time waste because at last it is Whatsapp 😀


For those who will help us solving the queries of the particular subjects will have a chance to become the ‘Part of the team’. Also, you never know that by helping us, you might catch an eye of the recruiter.

Problem Joining group?
Write your email id’s and we will add you instantly for the same subject you have asked for. 

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