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Launching The Actuarial Club of India

I started Insurology two years ago and I had a plan to take it to level that every Actuary in the world ( or at-least in India!) should know about it but the time-frame was never decided because the thing, never really happened in here. The articles for sharing and gaining knowledge was one step to be someone different. I knew what to start but since I was never earning from Insurology, I never had chance to arrange the big thing “THE EVENTS”.

But now, yes (even though the situation is same!), I’m super pleased to introduce you to The Actuarial Club of India (TAC), recognised by IFoA as their regional community. The Actuarial Club of India will arrange ACTUARIAL events across India. It is not a seminar, it is not a conduct in which you just hear a person or some persons saying something hard about Actuarial Industry and you don’t even get a chance to ask them question or a video is being played and you may want to take a nap but you can’t.

I’m sorry for sounding so rude, but yes we will find something to make it completely socialized and complete fun. The thing would energize you to take part in the activities of event. Yes, part that everyone will take and giveaways on the go to the one’s, performing the best.

How to get invited? That’s easy just fill the form or follow procedure on our ‘Membership page‘ and whenever the event happens, you receive an email! That’s easy.

You can meet or email our team anytime from the “Team” page which gives an essence of how vast we are prepared to go. Setting up our operations, all the way online, in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangluru and Pune and more if you have Actuarial professionals there. If you want to contribute us with your supercharged spirit after reading this, leave us your details on form ‘Be a part of our Team’ on Team page!

Also by Socializing, we actually mean to socialize Actuaries in India, that’s why through an app on Play store for “The Actuarial Club“, we are launching a platform where members can connect with each other, ask questions and solve queries. Not only through members, some of the general queries can also be solved by our companion “Actomate”, from which you can ask any general questions related to actuaries and you are sure to get immediate reply. Through our application, you can also track activities of the club. We completely believe in “Innovating Actuarial Science in India” and for that suggestions are also whole heartedly welcomed.

And yes the plan for the Actuarial Events was from long even before working on Insurology but the best time is one when you can make it reach to people

It is not a seminar, it is not someone speaking about Actuarial Science or how great job they do.
It is about the proper ‘YOU’. Be a member and enjoy what has been missing in India since long.

Let’s do something big and cheerful!

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