Actuarial GI Reserving Tutorial

Actuarial GI Reserving is a standard practice in General Insurance companies across the world.

By learning Reserving, it becomes easier for you to understand the concepts behind the Reserve liabilities of a GI company. TAC Learn makes it easy for you to understand these Reserving concepts using our Actuarial GI Reserving tutorials.

The content and exercises provided are generalized to be understandable to freshers/ intermediates and not expert level exercises. Many of the extreme content like smoothening, pattern basis, trendsetting, market competencies, tail factors have been completely or partly ignored for keeping it simple and short.

Examples in Every Chapter

This Actuarial Reserving tutorial and all the upcoming tutorials contain many Reserving exercises based on an example related to that exercise. This helps you to see and understand the exercise in a much better way and further you can try it in your personal excel.

Using Microsoft 365 and embedding the sheets, you can edit the excel, and the results will change accordingly.

Try editing the numbers below in order to understand how are we going to perform our future exercises

Example of Actuarial GI Reserving Tutorial

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