IAI September 2020 examination Update

Institute of Actuaries of India: September 2020 IAI Exams were initially scheduled from 29th September 2020 to 9th October 2020. But now it has rescheduled to conduct IAI exams from 19th November 2020 to 28th November 2020 in Home based Online format.

Timetable for the examination follows:

19/11/2020,ThursdayCB1 – Business Finance10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
20/11/2020, FridayCB2 – Business Economics10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
20/11/2020, FridaySP5 Investment and Finance10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
21/11/2020, SaturdayCP3 Communications Practice 10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
21/11/2020, SaturdaySP6 Financial Derivatives10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
24/11/2020, TuesdayCP2 A Actuarial Modelling10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
24/11/2020, TuesdaySP1 Health and Care10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
25/11/2020, WednesdayCS1 A Actuarial Statistics (Paper A)10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
25/11/2020, WednesdaySP2 Life Insurance 10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
26/11/2020, ThursdayCS2 A Risk Modelling and Survival Analysis (Paper A)10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
26/11/2020, ThursdaySP4 Pensions and other Benefits 10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
27/11/2020, FridayCM 1 A Actuarial Mathematics (Paper A)10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
27/11/2020, FridaySP 7 General Insurance Reserving and Capital Modelling10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
28/11/2020, SaturdayCM 2 A Financial Engineering and Loss Reserving (Paper A) 10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
28/11/2020, SaturdaySP 8 General Insurance Pricing 10.15-13.30 HrsForenoon
19/11/2020,ThursdaySA 1 Health and Care14.45-18.00 HrsAfternoon
19/11/2020,ThursdaySA 2 Life Insurance 14.45-18.00 HrsAfternoon
19/11/2020,ThursdaySA 3 General Insurance14.45-18.00 HrsAfternoon
19/11/2020,ThursdaySA 4 Pensions and Other Benefits 14.45-18.00 HrsAfternoon
19/11/2020,ThursdaySA 7 Investment and Finance 14.45-18.00 HrsAfternoon
20/11/2020, FridayCP 1 A Actuarial Practice 14.45-18.00 HrsAfternoon
21/11/2020, SaturdayCP 1 B Actuarial Practice 14.45-18.00 HrsAfternoon
24/11/2020, TuesdayCP 2 B Actuarial Modelling14.45-18.00 HrsAfternoon
25/11/2020, WednesdayCS 1 B Actuarial Statistics (Paper B)14.45-16.30 HrsAfternoon
26/11/2020, ThursdayCS 2 B Risk Modelling and Survival Analysis (Paper B)14.45-16.30 HrsAfternoon
27/11/2020, FridayCM 1 B Actuarial Mathematics ( Paper B)14.45-16.30 HrsAfternoon
28/11/2020, SaturdayCM 2 B Financial Engineering and Loss Reserving (Paper B)14.45-16.30 HrsAfternoon

This information is as per IAI Notification released on 11th August. Stay tuned to our website so that we can keep you updated on all the latest information regarding the same!

As per a person who gave the mock exam for examination system testing for IAI, following is the information he had to share:

►Main requirements for the examination system is having an active Internet connection throughout the exam and having a webcam and microphone attached to your system which will be tracked by IAI.

►A warning sign will be displayed if you move away from the camera.

►There is an inbuilt software in the examination system which doesn’t allow you to open any other window on your browser or anything else on your laptop/PC during the exam. So, you won’t be able to refer to any material during exam.

►Calculator will be provided in that examination interface and you will have to write your answers in that interface just like we type in word.

►For practical paper also, an R coding platform will be there in which no drop down or help option will be there unlike what we have in R.

However, the above points are what are expected for the examination system that we gathered from a Source and not announced by IAI.

We found this piece of information helpful and also, this can help you to prepare for the examinations accordingly.
But still official announcement & further clarity on this is still pending from the Institutions end.

Stay tuned for the updated information!

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