[Updated] TAC’s collaboration with MJ the Fellow Actuary

The Actuarial Club is proud to announce that we have collaborated with MJ the Fellow Actuary in order to provide the courses offered at a very subsidised rate to all our TAC members with up to 95% DISCOUNT on all his Udemy courses by just applying AC5DAY coupon code. Valid up to 31 May 2020

The best part is, this code can be applied to ALL his courses by any number of times that are not just currently in the market but also his upcoming finance and risk management course. These videos can be accessed by any device with 30 DAYS refund policy with full lifetime access along with Certificate of Completion.

About Michael Jordan (MJ the Fellow Actuary) have been making educational videos for since 2013 on YouTube. He has majored in Mathematical Statistics and has published research in the South African Journal of Science on Artificial Intelligence. He has also given a Ted Talk on Advanced Studying Methods.

So, if you are looking for a job or just want to increase your skills, this is a golden opportunity that you can’t miss and remember you have 30 days refund policy also (in case you don’t love it).

Visit MJ Udemy account and apply AC5DAY coupon now and get more than 90% discount. Please Note: This collaboration is for a limited time only and can expire any day. So, don’t waste your time, go now.

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And if you are confused which course to choose, here is quick summary of all of his sources along with the course ratings.

List of Courses offered by MJ:

Actuarial Statistics (Exam P/CS1/CT3)

Course-Rating: 4.5


Statistics forms the backbone of science and business and this course is designed to help you understand the components of this fundamental subject and how they all fit together. Designed for Actuaries, but applicable for everyone. The new CS1 exam is very similar to CT3 but has some new sections that aren’t present in this course yet. 

Excel for Financial Engineering & Loss Reserving (CM2)

Course-Rating: 4.5


CM2B provides a grounding in the principles of actuarial modelling, focusing on stochastic asset-liability models and the valuation of financial derivatives. It equips the student with a knowledge of the theories of behaviour of financial markets, measures of risk, determining reserves for a non-life insurer and price options. The subject includes theory and application of the ideas to real data sets using excel. The course is for students preparing for the Excel component of CM2 exam.

Stochastic Processes, Markov Chains and Markov Jumps

Course-Rating: 4.1


This course looks at Stochastic Processes, Markov Chains and Markov   Jumps. Then it works through an impossible exam question that caused the low pass rate in the 2019 sitting. This question requires you to have R Studio installed on your computer.

Time Series for Actuaries

Course-Rating: 4.9


This course we look at the theory of Time Series that one needs for the Actuarial Exams. It also includes a past paper question from the CS2B exam. This course is for advanced actuarial students.

Principles of Actuarial Modelling

Course-Rating: 4.3


This course gives you overview about what a model is and why actuaries make them. It will also look at their components and discuss their limitations. It compares the stochastic model to the deterministic model and determines how to choose between them. Along with this, it also considers stress testing, scenario analysis and sensitivity testing before looking at Time Horizons and communication.

Loss Distribution for Actuarial Models

Course-Rating: 5.0


This course is for advanced actuarial students. It contains loss distributions, with and without risk sharing. The course also contains compound distributions and how to represent their moments with the child distributions.

Actuarial Philosophy

Course-Rating: 4.0


Philosophy is the love of wisdom. In this course it involves what is wisdom, why do we need it and how can we construct a model around it. Then it applies the model to practical life situations. This course is shaped by you, your questions, comments and discussion will direct the content so feel free to engage with me (Michael) and the other students.

How to become an Actuary


It is available at free of cost. It provides a guide on how to get into the greatest profession.

This course looks at the following:

  1. What is an Actuary?
  2. Should you become an Actuary?
  3. What subjects at school should you choose?
  4. What university course should you enroll in?
  5. Which actuarial society should you join?
  6. How to get your first actuarial job
  7. Which actuarial subject should you specialize in?
  8. What is Work Based Skills?
  9. What is Continued Professional Development?
  10. How to start becoming an Actuary today

Introduction to Actuarial Exams

Course-Rating: 3.6


This course looks at the purpose of the actuary, the dimensions of risk, the actuarial syllabus, the various exams and some study tips. Students who are interested in studying Actuarial Science and writing the exams in order to get into the Profession. This course aims to answer all the questions and be an introduction to anyone writing the actuarial exams.

Regulation for Enterprise Risk Management


It gives an overview of regulation for the ERM exam. In this course we look at the various financial regulations for the Enterprise Risk Management exam.

Market Risk for Actuaries (Exams SP9/CM2/CP1)

Course-Rating: 3.0


This course is designed for actuaries writing exam: SP9/CM2/CP1. It discusses

How to measure and manage Market Risks. It is theoretical in nature and designed to introduce a student to the material. It is not a substitute for studying, rather a supplement.

Hope you enjoy studying for your actuarial exams and for professional development with MJ the Fellow Actuary and try taking benefits of the opportunity bought to you by The Actuarial Club!

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