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March Summary and Introducing Study Groups, Actuarial Interv… Visit please!

Last month was really an interesting month. The news were great for Actuary and our stats were also nice, many impressions, views, visits and many new users (Actuarial Students/ Actuaries) registered with us.

Well, the actual reason is, We started providing job details in our forums. While the forums were for discussion (more…)

5 Ways The IoT Will Transform The Insurance Industry


The U.S. Insurance industry is the world’s largest insurance market where 6,118 companies, employing 2.5 million people, have net annual premiums of $1.1 trillion. Yet, despite its size and overall financial health, the insurance industry is likely to experience profound change driven by a fast growing and ubiquitous force – The (more…)

Insights: Modelling and Management of Cyber Risk

The Summary is completely based on research paper by Martin Eling & Jan Hendrik Wirfs.

I read the paper so I summarized it and you’ll find examples with Youtube videos(wherever possible) so as to make sure the approaches they have used are understandable to everyone. The paper contains total of 24 pages which you (more…)

Entry Level Actuaries Have No Idea What Actuaries Do

Disclaimer: Taken from a brilliant blog post.

One of the most glaring and surprising consistencies I’ve seen among entry level actuarial candidates, even some with actuarial degrees, is that they generally have no clue what actuaries do and have an even worse understanding of the business of insurance. If you’re able to speak confidently (more…)

Congrats! Actuary in the 10 high-skill jobs to stay secure professionally

India’s Information Technology (IT) job market is likely to take an automation hit.

Campus recruitment of graduates across engineering colleges is looking at its first dip since 2009, a time when global recession had led to significant job losses and lower hiring by companies, as companies resort to automation in entry-level coding (more…)