Author: Mayank Goyal


A talk with Ayush Anand, Actuarial Recruiter from GreenTree Advisory

We got this rare opportunity to bring an Actuarial Recruiter, Ayush Anand from GreenTree Advisory on our platform The Actuarial Club Forums so he can give answers of what you have in mind. The session was completely open where you can ask to a Recruiter who has experience of more than 6 years in Recruitment and handled almost each and every process in Recruiting. He is been focusing on Analytics and Actuaries since starting of his career and can be called as a Consultant all by himself!

It’s a Great Time to Be an Actuary

Greg Hayward, assistant vice president & actuary at State Farm, manages a group of actuaries and data scientists specializing in predictive analytics. He observes that actuaries are using analytics to help claims adjusters better manage claims, marketing personnel improve the customer’s experience, IT departments manage peak demand cycles, as well as several other areas. Greg has never seen actuaries with analytics skills in higher demand.

types of actuaries and Actuarial work they perform

Types of Actuaries and their workings

What is an Actuary and what are different types of Actuaries?  It is a tricky question because there are so many different types of Actuaries. Actuary works in Insurance, Risk, Finance, Bank and they even...

the actuarial club

Launching The Actuarial Club of India

I started Insurology two years ago and I had a plan to take it to level that every Actuary in the world ( or at-least in India!) should know about it but the time-frame was...