A talk with Ayush Anand, Actuarial Recruiter from GreenTree Advisory

We know that you want to talk to Recruiter and more importantly, Anonymously! We got this rare opportunity to bring an Actuarial Recruiter, Ayush Anand from GreenTree Advisory on our platform The Actuarial Club Forums so he can give answers of what you have in mind. The session was completely open where you can ask to a Recruiter who has experience of more than 6 years in Recruitment and handled almost each and every process in Recruiting. He is been focusing on Analytics and Actuaries since starting of his career and can be called as a Consultant all by himself!

Ayush suggests that wherever the quant is applied, an Actuary can be a part of it. In our session he also threw light on the aspect of “Over-qualification”, “Demand and supply in this field” and many more which you can read here.

We are not putting in all the questions in this but some of the excerpts from those questions are here:

QWhat different field Actuaries are being hired from now a days?

AA. As an aspirant or a qualified actuary should take up any work which requires quant. Actuarial science is not all about Insurance it is about risk which can be quantified and used in transactions of financial nature.

Q. Average Waiting Time After Graduation. 

Hello Mr. Ayush,
There is a saying that it can take upto a year to land into your first job in Actuarial.
I have seen some guys (like me) finding a job in a month and some even struggling for couple of years and finally they give up to do something else. From your experience in recruiting field, would you be able to tell how much patience one should keep with themselves to land into ‘First Job’.
Also, What should be the reason that sometimes it takes a lot of time? Is it lack of opportunities or lack of skills in a personnal?

AA. I really don’t understand without doing any R&D why students run after this profession when they can’t be patient for the right time.. still if you are struggling in getting a job need to understand “the time is not right for you” and Trust hard work always pays off & do wonders. and This profession is all about hard work & demand such champs who are full of energy & patience..

for me Actuarial has the Tagline i.e. “Risk is Opportunity” follow this.. :)

Just an advice be active on LinkedIn !!

Q. What can we do as freshers to get a job in the actuarial field?Also, is there actually a huge mismatch between the deman
We are often told to update ourselves with all that’s going around because that is what recruiters look for, the current scenario and the practical application of all that we have studied. But we hardly get a response when we send them our CV, not even an acknowledgement mail. So, we don’t even get a chance to showcase whether we have the requisite knowledge or not. Hence, which area should we work upon to resolve this?

AA. See as a recruiters we also have some limitations like companies don’t prefer to higher fresher from outside (3rd party). They prefer to get freshers or Trainee by their own, where we really can not help..

Now your question should be how to approach such people who do freshers/Trainee hiring..
Be active on LinkedIn..follow company page/ HR who demands for such knowledge/techniques & only share your profile when they post which is relevant for you.. And trust this is tried & tested method. :)

Q. Consultancy Vs Insurance.
What should be chosen: a consultantcy firm or hardcore insurance company for the first job?

AA. It’s totally your call, where you want to apply. It depend on your aspiration your wants to work either in a direct life insurance or Consulting.. but yes both have different flavors. Try & exp. both of them if possible  :D

We express our Gratitude to Ayush to be such wonderful contribution at our forums and we look forward to create a long term arrangement to help as much Actuarial students as we can!

More about Ayush Anand

He is one of the most known Actuarial Recruiter among Actuarial students. He has handled complete Recruiting process independently from scratch to finish. As this job demands coordination, Ayush Anand is no less of a coordinator, coordinating with HR Teams, Businesses for their requirements, with Portals such as Naukri.com, Monster, Times jobs and more for sourcing of CV’s, screening profiles, initial evaluation, scheduling interviews and still it doesn’t ends here.

He organises and also is an active participant of Job fairs and walkins. The process of Recruitment also involves Reference Checking, Feedback, Negotiations which is sometimes handled all by himself. Moreover, you see him actively on Linkedin for Actuarial Jobs, so there is not to say much.
Do visit his Linkedin profile.

About  Green Tree Advisory 

GreenTree is a well-established Human Resource solution provider whereby it engages in a client-centric approach to lend world-class recruitment services. Our vast pool of knowledge based on comprehensive industry research and active camaraderie with business leaders makes us at GreenTree, experts in searching the right human resource for your company. It is not an unknown fact how important employees are for an organization, and vice versa. And ultimately, it all comes down to finding the right human resources for your business at the right time.

Visit GreenTree’s website.

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