“Entrepreneurship and being an Actuary” – Innovation in Zimbabwe

People they there is nothing except Insurance. I’ve always dreamt of making it more than that, doing more than insurance and pensions. This is exactly complementary to my article on Insurance & Entrepreneurship. A must watch video to look at different aspects of what “else” you have power to do.

Douglas Hoto, an experienced business leader who is the CEO of a Zimbabwean insurance group, presented on ‘entrepreneurship and being an actuary’.

A hard find.

Do share your thoughts on how we all can make something great out of the Actuary, thou it already is 🙂

Source: TheActuary

Thanks to actuaries101 for the pic!

Mayank Goyal

Redmond Lover(Microsoft), London Dreamer(Actuary), California Thinker(Entrepreneur).

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